ORDER NOW!!! Studio Scale Cloud Car Kit from TimeSlip Creations

This long awaited piece is finally being done justice by TimeSlip Creations. The first studio scale kit that was released was somewhat of a challenge to build, and thus only 3 of them were! George Takacs of TimeSlip Creations created a whole new studio scale Cloud Car kit that actually fits together and will most likely be a pleasure to build as well!

And the Pilot Figures…. what else could be stated of those, except… WOW!!! They were sculpted by professional modeler/sculptor Dan Grumeretz! Absolutely top notch work!

Here is what George has to say…

Done and ready for sale! Cloud Car kits are $395. Shipping in the US is $40. Shipping to the world is $72. Send your money via Paypal to saint_g@sbcglobal.net

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