Battlestar Galactica Studio Model from The Gary Cannavo Collection

Direct from the fantastic, ORIGINAL Studio Model Collection of my friend Gary Cannavo, here is the Battlestar Galactica Studio Filming Model!!!

After photos were taken of this awesome piece by artist Chris Pappas, then shown to me by artist Mark Dickson (as they were kept from the general public), I was able to purchase them (and all rights to them) from  Chris for $2,500, and make them available to all who wished to see them. These are not to be confused with the second, interior shots set. Chris has another set of 300 photos featuring the interior shots of the model that he is selling separately from these that I now own that show the outer detail of the studio model.

This is what I proclaimed on January 23, 2008…

Copyrights have been acquired for 300 DETAILED HI-RES photos of the Battlestar Galactica Studio Model. In other words,  I, Kurt Kuhn (of Kuhn Global, Inc. and Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic) now fully own them, the images on them, and ALL the copyrights regarding the usage of them.


From this point forward, EVERYONE now has the right to have and do whatever they wish with them!

Now, it should be noted that these photos were taken by Chris Pappas directly after the Mark Bradley restoration was done. What this means is that while these photos are detailed, this is not accurate (part for part) to how it was originally seen on screen.

However, the good news is that the owner of the Galactica Studio Filming Model, and my friend, Gary Cannavo has since spent thousands of dollars restoring this original filming model to it’s original specs… part for part! It can now be seen in it’s original glory on Gary’s site BATTLEBUCK.COM

I wish to thank Gary for all that he has done to bring back this iconic piece to it’s original glory! And for taking care of it as it should be! I think I can speak for all fans alike when I state… THANK YOU GARY!!!

To view the Galactica as she is supposed to be, in her original glory and part for part accurate, as well as many other original studio models, just click Gary’s banner link below…


Here again are the photos I purchased the rights to, and released on the Resin Illuminati in January 2008, which also began the mass public sharing of studio model reference since that time …