OV- 1B MOHAWK by Steve Carricato

Another wonderful build from Steven Carricato for his client, Mr. David Spruil! This one is extra special as it is a replica David had Steve build to honor his Father’s service to his country during the Vietnam conflict.

I built this OV- 1B MOHAWK (US Army Reconnaissance/Attacker aircraft) airplane for David Spruil.  His dad Flew it or North Vietnam 1969. He had the models kit for years and wanted something to remember his Father by honoring his country The USA! So I decided to build it for him! The kit is a classic Hasegawa made in 1987 It went together very easy in fact I finished in one weekend!

Steve Carricato

DY-100b DSV 001

DY-100b DSV 002

DY-100b DSV 003

DY-100b DSV 005

Wonderfest 2010 003

Wonderfest 2010 009

Wonderfest 2010 016