KIT ALERT! Life Size Vintage 1950’s Space Age Retro Atomic Giant Toy Robot from Lou Woolf




Life Size Vintage 1950’s Space Age Atomic Robot (Ralph Robot)

*Kit Producer: LA WOOLF         Robot new arm salute-sized

*Email: Lou Woolf at

*Based on the 1950’s Tin Toy Robot R-1

*Kit Scale: 1 to 1

*Kit Materials: Masonite, plastic

*Kit Price:  $350.00 U.S.

*Shipping Amount: Calculated upon location.

*Shipping Restrictions (U.S. Only / Worldwide): None

*Kit Availability Date: Made to Order

*Payment Methods: Money Order

*Kit Description: The kit will contain full sized plans, ready to use laminated full sized graphics, an assortment of custom parts, blinking L.E.D. light kit for eyes, and ears. complete parts list, and sources, full instructions, Can be built in Red, Gray, Blue, or yellow, like the originals, and should be a fairly easy build for anybody with average tool skills, and a couple of weekends.

To contact the KIT PRODUCER direct, please click the CONTACT KIT PRODUCER link below.


Robot new arm salute

robot new arm with ray gun

Robot arm change

Lou Woolf