KIT ALERT!! 1:10 TIME MACHINE by Randy Cooper


H.G. Wells…The Time Machine is one of the most known science fiction stories ever written. And so is the vehicle used in the films. This one is from the 2002 remake that was done extremely well! Keeping with the classic design, yet that hint of updated “look” from model makers 40 years later for the remake really made this piece shine. And now…. famed industry artist Randy Cooper may make this highly detailed miniature he built into a kit for a limited number of collectors! Will you be one of them?

Here is what Randy states:

Depending on the interest, I’m considering doing the (2002) “TIME MACHINE” (LIMITED TO TEN).
It’s such a labor intensive kit to prepare that’s why I’m selling it for 800 dollars a kit
It’s around 1/10th scale and none of the parts are plated.
The molds are done, and I’m in the process of doing the directions.

Randy Cooper

To order one of these kits, or to simply find out more about it,

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finished 1

finished 3

finished 4