SOLD!!1:1000 BATTLESCOUT – Designed and Built by Steven Carricato

October 4, 2011


This piece is now in the Collection of Mr. Karl Southcott!

July 11, 2011

Built from the kit (OFFERED HERE), kit master and artist Steven Carricato brings it to life…. and to the Star Universe. What I especially enjoy of this design is the shuttle bay on the rear of the bridge area. Very unique!

To contact Steve Carricato direct, please click HERE.

To PURCHASE this kit from Spacecraft Creation Models, please click their banner link below…


The first photo is the actual Box Art that the kit comes in!

BattleScoutII-3boxcover copy

DY-100b DSV 008

DY-100b DSV 003

DY-100b DSV 004

DY-100b DSV 006

DY-100b DSV 007

DY-100b DSV 014

DY-100b DSV 015

DY-100b DSV 017

DY-100b DSV 018

DY-100b DSV 019

DY-100b DSV 021

DY-100b DSV 022

DY-100b DSV 031

DY-100b DSV 032