Orbital Drydock – Brett Cavin

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Brett Cavin

JJ-Prise by Mark Tanner

JJ-Prise by Mark Tanner

I have the pleasure of introducing artist Mark Tanner to our Gallery! This piece is beautiful! If I understood correctly, THIS PIECE just MAY go up for sale soon! What a catch!! I just got back into modeling after not having really done much since I was a kid 25 or so years ago. Here […]

Inrtoducing the Works of ORBITAL DRYDOCK's Brett Cavin

Inrtoducing the Works of ORBITAL DRYDOCK’s Brett Cavin

I have the pleasure of introducing another fine talent to this Gallery…… artist Brett Cavin of ORIBITAL DRYDOCK. Now known for his works with amazing paint masks for Starship model kits, Brett excels also at model making! Here is his 1:2 studio scale (66 inch) TOS Enterprise 1701 that he built from scratch! This is […]