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KELLOGG Shuttle from Bill George

Coming soo...

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Laurent Perini’s ROTJ and Rogue One Dornean Gunship

The little...

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Building the HUGE 1/6 T.I.E. Fighter Cockpit for the SciFi Air Show by Bill George

This is ab...

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The Latest Addition to Bill George’s Sci-Fi Air Show… the T.I.E. Fighter Cockpit!!

This man n...

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Building the JUPITER 2 with Bill George

William Ge...

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Jupiter 2 at the William George’s Sci-Fi Air Show


William G...

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Berton Pierce’s SENSE OF SCALE – A Documentary Film of Industry Model Making


This docu...

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The Sci Fi Air Show & Amazing Models from the Fantastic Talents of Bill George

I had been...

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Bill George Y-Wing Studio Model


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